As mentioned elsewhere you won't know which concert you'll be seeing today until you tune in. It may be North Connemara sisters, Liz and Yvonne Kane, or maybe it won't

The Kane Sisters, are much respected musicians and educators. Liz and Yvonne first came to national and international prominence during the three year period in which they toured with Sharon Shannon as members of her band, The Woodchoppers. They travelled all over the world and are featured artists on Sharon’s album ‘The Diamond Mountain Sessions’. 

Following this period of touring, the girls decided to embark musically on their own and they recorded their first album together entitled ‘The Well Tempered Bow’. 

“Aptly titled, 'The Well-Tempered Bow' is fine-honed unison fiddling by two musicians who know how to draw out the heat and light within a melody. There's no superficial flashiness substituting for a more difficult-to-achieve understanding of what makes a tune tick. This duo debut has real depth and heft, with superb accompaniment from guitarist and pianist John Blake, a member of the band Téada. The Kanes Head Up Best Traditional Albums of 2002” _ Earle Hitchner

Currently based in Letterfrack County Galway, Liz and Yvonne teach music during the school year and tour in the US during the summer.  

It's been a while now since they've been to Fiddle Fair and we're delighted to welcome them back.


1st Jan 20:00

Each nights special guests will be revealed when we pull the cracker

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