As mentioned elsewhere you won't know which concert you'll be seeing today until you tune in. It may be incomparable duo Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham, but then again it may not. 

Phil and Aly are two of the most famous musicians in traditional music. They are loved all over the world but in Scotland they are pure royalty. Not only are they two of the best musicians you'll ever see but they are also two of the funniest. Playing together for over 30 years they just get better and better. They've been staying safe in the highlands of bonny Scotland since March and we're delighted they agreed to take part in our virtual festival.


25th Dec 20:00

Ticket is valid for all 12 concerts. Each nights special guests will be revealed when we pull the cracker. Concerts will remain available to view for ticket purchasers until 31st Jan 2021

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